Private Equity Investments

To fulfill funding needs of corporate enterprises for their growth and revitalization, we provide capital in the form of equity and/or debt and aim to maximize our investment return by increasing corporate value of our investees through various supports.

Major clients and results [Investment Record]

Our investments to date, both domestic and overseas with a focus on Asia, have been accumulated to nearly 350 billions yen in 100 companies.

Exited Exited

  • Oway Pte. Ltd.
  • Frontiir Pte, Ltd.
  • OPTORUN Co.,Ltd.
  • Get Green Energy Corp., Ltd.
  • International Dairy Products Joint Stock Company
  • Accordia Golf Trust
  • Gold NanoTech, Inc.
  • Original BioMedicals Co., Ltd.
  • Kantatsu Co., Ltd.
  • Hotland Co., Ltd.
  • Nakayama Steel Works, Ltd.
  • Oriental Agricultural Technologies Holdings limited
  • FELISSIMO Co., Ltd.
  • Asahikawa Hotel Holdings, Inc.
  • GRANVISTA Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd.
  • Hon Chuan Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • SOMA Networks Inc.
  • Neo Solar Power Co.
  • Airway Communications International Holding Co.,Ltd.
  • Konoike Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Kotobuki Co., Ltd.
  • Shinseido Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Dry-Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • HMV Japan K.K.
  • GDH K.K.
  • VERITE Corporation Inc.
  • Mitsui Life Insurance Company Limited
  • SANYO Electric CO., Ltd.
  • Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Star Flyer Inc.
  • Maruzen Company, Limited
  • VSN Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Coke & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  • Cabin, Co., Ltd.
  • I ing Co., Ltd.
  • Meisei Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Ogihara corporation
  • Nikko Electric Industry Co., Ltd.