Loan Investments

By capitalizing on specialized skills and knowledge of professionals team of loan investments with diversified qualifications such as lawyers, judicial scriveners, certified tax accountants, and real estate appraisers, we endeavor to meet financial institutions' need for non-performing loans divestment, as well as corporate revitalization, in addition to making investments in loans to corporations for M&A related funding needs.

Bulk Sales

Since 1998 we had commenced bulk investments in non-performing loans, and dealt with more than 200 financial institutions and corporations. We also engaged strictly and fairly in servicing businesses mainly by Nozomi Servicing Co. Ltd. (Servicer: Law No. 19), our loan servicer subsidiary, with advising services to settle the matter of expediting the disposal of loan of bad debts, as well as revitalization, and compliance has been positioned as the highest priority issue for our business.

Structured Finance

We provide recovery finance to corporations under revitalization or institutions who need M&A related funding. In Oct 2011, we had launched Daiwa Aozora Finance, JV with Aozora Bank, for M&A related bridge loan and mezzanine finance.