Energy Investments

With our skills and experiences in alternative asset investments, we are now committed to invest in energy projects.

Since the introduction of Japan's Feed-in Tariff Law, the number of renewable energy projects has been sharply increasing. Taking advantage of the strong network of Daiwa Securities Group, we are actively engaged in marketing, sourcing, and developing energy investments.

We will continuously search for investment opportunities on energy and infrastructure assets, and through these investments, strive for solving social issues such as transition of the energy supply and demand structure.

Major Investment Projects


Solar Power Plant ()

LocationKan-onji, Kagawa
Power output1,150kW
Commencement Date of operationApr 2014
LocationMasuura Kushiro, Hokkaido
Power output2,190kW
Commencement Date of operationNov 2014
LocationBoyo Kushiro, Hokkaido
Power output1,410kW
Commencement Date of operationNov 2014
LocationOfunato, Iwate
Power output19,830kW
Commencement Date of operationAug 2015
LocationIwamizawa, Hokkaido
Power output8,970kW
Commencement Date of operationFeb 2016
LocationNikko, Tochigi
Power output16,744kW
Commencement Date of operationJuly 2016
LocationTomakomai, Hokkaido
Power output38,400kW
Commencement Date of operationAug 2018(TBD)
LocationTaki, Mie
Power output4,070kW
Commencement Date of operationAug 2017

Biomass Power Plant ()

LocationYonezawa, Yamagata
Power output6,250kW
Commencement Date of operationJan 2018
LocationKamitonda, Wakayama
Power output6,760kW
Commencement Date of operationMar 2020(TBD)