About Us

What we do

Daiwa PI Partners is active in 3 different business domains, focusing on improving the corporate value of our client companies and the revitalization of local communities.

Our Business Domains

Where we make a difference


Debt & real estate investment

We invest in debt to help financial institutions and corporate companies improve their balance sheet. We also engage in the development, leasing, management, and operation of domestic and overseas real estates.


Domestic private equity investment

We invest in businesses with an ambition to grow, mainly through buyouts. We provide the companies with financial and business support as well as human resources to ultimately improve their corporate value.


International private equity investment/investment for startups

We invest in private companies in Asia that have high growth potential and provide them with financial support to improve their corporate value.


Wide range of support

From growth to rebirth, we provide optimized financial solutions & human resources to support businesses in different phases of their business life cycle.

In Harmony

With every stakeholder

We deliver results as a long-term partner. Respect and mutual understanding are a vital part of our investment philosophy.

While the pursuit of profit is essential, we think that the process should not entirely favor one particular side, and everyone involved should remain in "harmony" inside a successful project.

We believe that this approach has earned us trust from many parties.


As a member of Daiwa Securities Group, our team of professionals plays a vital role in the group's investment strategies.

Group Synergy

Leveraging the group's capabilities

Under the mission of Daiwa Securities Group to contribute to the development of the economy and the society, the synergy within the group gives us power and freedom to play our role in the financial and capital markets.


Flexibility and response

Daiwa Securities Group provides an independent fund that makes more flexible and responsive actions possible.


Global network

With Daiwa Securities, Daiwa Capital Markets, DC Advisory, and Daiwa Institute of Research in the group, we can provide financial solutions such as M&A or IPO on a global scale.


The Daiwa brand

"Daiwa Securities" is a brand that has 120+ years of history. We believe that our clients find trust and reliability in the brand.

The Team

Professional members and company structure


Masahiro Kobayashi
Masahiro Kobayashi


Yuki Hayakawa
Yuki Hayakawa


Koichi Tamazawa
Koichi Tamazawa

Senior Managing Director

Noboru Uchikawa
Noboru Uchikawa

Senior Managing Director

Toshiyuki Maki
Toshiyuki Maki

Senior Managing Director

Company Structure

Daiwa PI Partners comprises five departments. Among these, there are two investment departments dedicated to debt and real estate, and another focusing on private equity both domestically and internationally, primarily in Asia. The Risk Management Department manages the investment portfolio, while the Corporate Planning Department is responsible for management planning and performance monitoring.

Many of our professional members have over 10 years of investment experience. We also have members with professional licenses or certificates, such as lawyers, accountants, licensed real estate appraisers, architects, and registered small enterprise consultants. Our team works closely together to enhance performance.

Organization chart

Our Story

To a prosperous, more sustainable world

We are proud of the great partnerships we have cultivated with our clients throughout the years. We have always valued to be in harmony with our clients, investee companies, and other stakeholders and believe that the relationships were possible because we followed our ideals.

We have also been engaging in environmental investment since 2005 when we first participated in the emissions trading. Our business has contributed to the development of a more sustainable society since.


Looking back the 20+ years

In 1998, we swiftly began to invest in debt as we saw the Japanese financial institutions promote off-balance sheet assets and liabilities to solve the problem of non-performing loans.

We have since expanded our investment targets and businesses, and now our portfolio includes real estate and both domestic and international private equity.


11 restructuring funds, 100+ investee companies

We have created and operated funds of various types and purposes to support businesses and the development of local communities. These experiences allowed us to gain expertise in fund operation and create a nationwide network of companies and financial institutions.

"Daiwa Challenge Fund", a fund of flexible investment amount and span that aims to support restructuring/closure of business, is currently under operation.

SDGs Initiatives

As a member of Daiwa Securities Group

Daiwa Securities Group established SDGs Promotion Committee in 2018 to include SDGs in the group's corporate strategies. Products and services have been released to support the achievement of the goals.

"2030 Vision" was formulated and announced in May 2021 to accelerate the group's initiative. The core concept of the vision is “From savings to SDGs”, and, through this vision, the group intends to achieve the SDGs by creating a sustainable capital cycle.