About Us

Your "trust" is our greatest value. We are here to support the sustainable growth and happiness of our society.

In 1998, we swiftly began to invest in debt as we saw the Japanese financial institutions promote off-balance sheet assets and liabilities to solve the problem of non-performing loans.

We have since expanded our business to both domestic and international private equity, real estate, and non-recourse loan investment. The accumulated total has exceeded 1 trillion yen in debt investment and 500 billion yen in private equity investment.

While we have a proud history and numerous investment records, I believe that it is always crucial to remember why we are here for: To take risk and provide financing that contributes to the sustainable development of a prosperous society.

"Trust" from our clients is our greatest value.

We will certainly provide financial support as a professional firm that is well-experienced both in equity and debt. This includes fast and flexible investment from our own funds, various methods to increase corporate value, and network and exit strategies including IPO that the Daiwa Securities Group can offer.

But our business is only possible when every member in our firm strives to be a reliable, trustworthy, and honest partner.

All the staff at Daiwa PI Partners guarantees to constantly remind themselves of their purpose as professionals and to put your trust first.

Daiwa PI Partners Co. Ltd. Yuki Hayakawa President