Our business started in 2000, in the dawning of private equity investment in Japan, and we have accumulated investment records since. We leverge the expertise and network we have gained in the years as well as the group synergy within the Daiwa Securities Group to become and remain as a trusted partner for our clients.



in private equity investment


Daiwa Securities Group network

We leverage the Daiwa Securities Group's network to expand our investment pipeline and improve sales of our clients. The group advises on IPOs, business alliances, and M&A.


Accumulated expertise in management support

We utilize our 20+ years of experience to provide a wide range of business support.


Rapid reformation of business foundation

In cooperation with our clients, we first form a solid foundation for the business.

Enhancing business management

We visualize business management by setting appropriate KPIs and implementing budget control.

Developing human resources strategies

We review staff positioning and evaluation and introduce incentives such as an employee stock option plan.

Formulating financial strategies

We provide support for cash flow improvement, balance sheet optimization, negotiations with lenders, creating/maintaining a cap table, and the IPO.


Improving enterprise value

We discuss growth strategies with our clients and execute them to improve the company's enterprise value.

Increasing sales volume

We provide sales, marketing, and roll-up (additional acquisitions) support to increase the company's revenue.

Achieving faster decisions

We review the flow of approval to achieve faster management decisions.

Improving efficiency and productivity

We provide support for reducing excessive costs, optimizing procurement, improving accounting efficiency, introducing IT systems, and DX (digital transformation).


Exit strategies to accelerate growth

We help our client's business continuously grow through an IPO or by having the company join another corporate group.

Our Portfolio

Our contribution to a sustainable society is in the processes of increasing enterprise value. Here are some of our past efforts.





Previous buyouts as Daiwa Securities SMBC Principal Investments

We were previously part of Daiwa Securities SMBC Principal Investments, and these are the investment records from that era.

Previous buyouts by Daiwa Corporate Investment

Since 2014, our private equity investment team has been working together with the team from Daiwa Corporate Investment, another investment firm in our group.